Early Learners Classroom

This classroom is designed for students that are struggling with the development of communication. We use a variety of visual supports, sign language and augmentative communication devices to ensure that each student develops a functional method of communication. The ratio

Elementary/Middle school

In addition to teaching academics, the goal of this classroom is to increase communication, social thought, perspective, language pragmatics, problem solving, executive functioning skills and to learn how to navigate our social world. Students also learn how to manage and

High school

Students learn academic content and social skills side by side  in a warm and caring environment. They engage in academic content by a multi-sensory approach to learning  including real world experience. We afford each student the opportunity to develop an

July 2021


Three years ago, my son enrolled at Bacot Academy. The public schools failed to provide a healthy learning environment. Since then, my son’s behavior has changed dramatically. My son’s grades have improved and he has learned to be responsible. I have great hopes in his future.

T. R. Parent

My name is Nick Bacot and I am the reason my mom started Bacot Academy. When I was little I changed schools a lot. I never really fit in and sometimes people would make fun of me. I don’t have to worry about that anymore because here we are all almost the same and never treated bad. We get to take lots of field trips to fun places and I love my teacher. Me and my mom has gotten lots of attention. Sometimes I feel like a celebrity.

Nick Bacot Student

We as parents of a six year old son whom has autism, are extremely happy with Bacot Academy. The classroom ratio of teacher to student gives our son and the other students the individual education plan that works best for them. He receives the therapies he needs at school. His teacher has been great with him and with her help. We have seen him communicate more than he ever has. All of the staff makes us feel comfortable and it feels like coming into a family. We hope for continued expansion and success for Bacot Academy. Our appreciation and thankfulness goes out to Bacot Academy’s staff and associated therapist.



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